29/03/2019 1:44 PM IST | Updated 29/03/2019 1:49 PM IST

YouTube Star Lilly Singh Just Dropped A Video Of Remade Bollywood Songs, And It's Lit AF

In a mash up of three songs — Choli Ke Peeche, All is Well and Aankh Maarey — Singh changes the lyrics to powerful rap.


YouTube star Superwoman aka Lilly Singh just dropped a video of remade Bollywood songs and it is all kinds of amazing. 

In a mash-up of three popular songs—Choli Ke Peeche, All is Well and Aankh Maarey—Singh changes the lyrics to powerful rap. 

Singh turns early 90s hit Choli Ke Peeche into a feminist anthem, rapping “call me smart before you call me hottie” and “Ain’t no need to save me, keep your horse in the stable. What position I like? Huh? Head of the table.”

In All Is Well, Singh tackles mental health head-on, rapping about ignoring snide comments from “massiji” on your clothes and “shaadi”: “Listen, you good, all is well. And if it ain’t, tell someone, ask for some help. Man, eff taboos, take care of yourself. Everything means nothing without mental health.”

Singh, who came out as bisexual in February, celebrates her sexuality with aplomb in Aankh Maarey where she is attracted to both a man and a woman. Neha Kakkar, who sang the latest remix of the song in Simmba, also makes a cameo appearance.

Singh is set to perform in Mumbai next week and said on Twitter that she was nervous before putting out the video. 

She has no reason to worry—within a couple of hours, Twitter was raving about it, calling her a ‘desi queen’ and begging for another part to the video.