17/10/2016 11:33 AM IST | Updated 17/10/2016 11:42 PM IST

Why are Cork Mats most preferred by pregnant women and yogi's in India?

There is no more noteworthy symbol for present-day yoga practice than the yoga mat. It is more than a tool used by the yogi. The yoga mat is a kind of metaphor that signifies the space in which our minds might feel some respite from the stress-laden, hectic, and random nature of daily life. 

So, why cork mats are most preferred by yogis in India?

Cork is actually environmentally friendly. By cork mats, no trees are damaged in the production of cork. There is no necessity to clean it ever because cork naturally destroys bacteria and mold. Countless yogis have transformed to cork for its insistent non-slip surface, also during the sweatiest hot yoga.

Cork is a material supreme in sustainability and body-friendly properties. Unlike most artificial materials used in yoga mats, cork is naturally antimicrobial and encompasses zero PVC’s or dangerous chemicals.

Hence cork mats are the most preferred mats compared to other mats by yogis in India.

Are eco-friendly cork mats available in India?

Yes, they are. In fact, cork mats are gaining popularity among various yoga practitioners who believe in using eco-friendly products for their practice. At the top of my list stands Juru Yoga. Honored for launching India’s first eco-friendly Yoga travel mats, Juru Yoga has the best eco-friendly yoga mats suitable for yogis and pregnant women and yoga props like cork blocks, Yoga Mats, straps, bolsters etc.

Other form of cork mats suffer from problem of wear and tear, cracking and sliding. Whereas, cork mats from Juru Yoga are compact, lightweight and stretchy. Juru mats are eco-friendly and are made of 100% biodegradable material. A perfect yogic companion, which you can simply carry with you anywhere. Juru Yoga mats, props and accessories are perfect for yogis who desire to live in harmony with nature.

Why are Cork Mats better than PVC Mats?

Cork mats are made from sustainable and biodegradable material that is reaped from rubber trees and cork trees and manufactured without dangerous phthalate plasticizers, heavy metals or PVC! These types of yoga mat are not just safer for your health and our environment but has the finest performance that your practice justifies.

Yoga mats that are noble for the environment are made from resources that are in plentiful supply. Prevalent eco-friendly yoga mats are manufactured from rubber, cotton, hemp, and jute, all of which are both renewable and decomposable. You will not just feel more connected to the planet but will sense like you are actually doing your part when it’s time to get a new mat and you recognize that your old mat is both eco-friendly and biodegradable. 

Eco-friendly yoga mats, especially that of Juru Yoga’s are made without the usage of any damaging chemicals, keeping these out of the soil and water system. Eco mats can be soft or hard, slick or sticky, uneven or smooth, and all of these features affect one’s practice.

Why are these mats suitable for pregnant women who practice yoga too?

Pregnancy naturally increases the body weight and many women find that their normal mat just is not sufficiently thick to offer the extra cushion desirable for knees and ankles. Standard mats are just 1/8 of an inch thick but it’s possible to have eco yoga mats 1/4 of an inch thick that are still firm enough for appropriate balance. JURU’s cork mats are also safe and best for pregnant women as the mats are free from chemicals and its antimicrobial properties naturally kills bacteria and odor.

While doing pre-natal asanas and pranayam, one has to keep in mind to use mats that are toxin free as these toxins produced by PVC mats pose harmful threats to moms-to-be. It is specially recommended for pregnant women to use JURU’s yoga bolsters and knee pillows for cushioning the knees during asanas. A mat overlay also provides extra cushioning and JURU’s travel mats can be used as an overlay as it has soft jute and cotton surfaces. If you are placing your yoga mat anyhow, then it is recommended to go for an additional thick yoga mat for additional comfort during prenatal yoga.