06/08/2020 11:42 AM IST

West Bengal Sees Record Spikes In Covid Cases And Deaths In 5 Days Of August

The number of Covid-19 deaths in the state has seen a record spike everyday of August

Hindustan Times via Getty Images
Kolkata police screen commuters at Central Avenue during a lockdown in the state to curb Covid-19 on August 5, 2020 in Kolkata, India.

The West Bengal government has imposed lockdowns through the month of August and also in the last week of July, but this has not yet brought down the number of Covid-19 cases in the state. 

The state saw highest single-day spikes of Covid-19 cases on four days and highest spike in the number of deaths on all days of August, so far. 

On August 5, it recorded 2,816 fresh Covid-19 cases and 61 deaths. 

On August 4, it recorded 2,752 fresh Covid-19 cases and 54 deaths. 

On August 3, it recorded 2,716 fresh Covid-19 cases and 53 deaths. 

On August 2, it recorded 2,739 fresh Covid-19 cases and 49 deaths. 

On August 1, it recorded 2,598 fresh Covid-19 cases and 48 deaths. 

These numbers are higher than any spike recorded in previous months.

As of August 5, the total number of coronavirus cases reported in the state so far is 83,800. The total number of Covid-19 deaths in the state is 1,846. 

On a positive note, the state also saw discharge rates rise everyday. The discharge rate in August 5 was 70.36%. 

NDTV reported that for the first time a district outside of Kolkata, North 24 Parganas with 709 cases, recorded the highest Covid cases. 

The number of tests in West Bengal has also increased, with the state having carried out over 10 lakh tests in total. 

The Telegraph quoted a minister, who was not named, as saying, “We had expected to cross 10 lakh on Thursday. We bettered that estimate by a day. We covered the latest lakh in just four days.” 

While the number of Covid-19 cases rise, experts had said that the lockdown method being followed by Bengal will not be fruitful. 

Professor Giridhar R. Babu, of Lifecourse Epidemiology at the Public Health Foundation of India, Bengaluru told The Wire in July, “I believe this is to bring a change in the behaviour of people by restricting travel and interactions. It seems as though the West Bengal government kept the lockdown days random so that people can’t plan their travel and are caught by surprise. But no science or epidemiology can explain such a decision and there is no evidence so far to prove that decisions like this are improving the situation.”