29/04/2019 7:51 PM IST

Voting Percentage Today: 59.25% Till 6 pm

With the fourth phase, polling has concluded in 373 constituencies across the country.


The total voter turnout for the fourth phase of Lok Sabha elections till 6 pm was 59.25 percent, according to the Election Commission. 

Here is a state-wise breakup:

Bihar: 53.67 percent

Jammu and Kashmir: 9.79 percent

Madhya Pradesh: 65.86 percent

Maharashtra: 51.28%

Odisha: 64.05 percent

Rajasthan: 62.93 percent

Uttar Pradesh: 53.12 percent

West Bengal: 76.47 percent

Jharkhand: 63.76 percent

With this phase, election will come to an end in Maharashtra and Odisha. After the fourth phase of election, polling has concluded in 373 constituencies across the country — 91 in the first phase, 95 in second, 116 in third, 71 in fourth. 

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Election Commission of India

Election to 542 Lok Sabha seats is being conducted in seven phases between April 11 and May 19. Election in Vellore constituency in Tamil Nadu has been cancelled following excess use of money power. Results will be declared on 23 May.