Shirtless Vladimir Putin Calendar Is No. 1 With Japanese Women

Apparently, many women in Japan are attracted to the Russian autocrat's 'unashamed machismo'.

Vladmir Putin’s rugged sex appeal may be making Japanese women all hot and bothered.

It seems a 2019 calendar featuring the 66-year-old Russia president in various states of shirtlessness is the top-selling calendar at Loft, a popular Japanese household-items chain.

Calendar photos show Putin dipping into a freezing lake in January, playing ice hockey in February, and frolicking in the snow with dogs in December, according to the Independent.

Although the Japan Times speculated many women were buying the calendar as a “practical joke,” The Guardian claimed Putin’s ”unashamed machismo” is so attractive to Japanese women that the autocrat’s calendar is outselling even the country’s top movie stars and athletes.