Vir Das Tells Conan O'Brien What An Indian Marvel Superhero Would Be Like

Das named the superhero "Brown Cow."

Vir Das has the perfect idea for an Indian superhero.

The comedian, who is from India, appeared on “Conan” and pitched a new Marvel superhero who fights the notorious villain Thanos.

The hero’s name?

“They have Black Panther. Where is Brown Cow?” Das asked.

Das told host Conan O’Brien he’d play this “Brown Cow” character, who would make his grand entrance to a loud “moo.”

Brown Cow would do a three-part “Indian attack,” Das explained, which would begin with an iconic line: “Hey Thanos, you don’t know me, but now we have beef.”

You gotta admit, that’s pretty epic. We’re shaking in our [cowboy] boots.

Marvel has never had an Indian superhero. However, comics legend Stan Lee did create a character who was not part of Marvel — Chakra The Invincible — in 2011 with Sharad Devarajan, CEO of the character entertainment company Graphic India.

Chakra The Invincible, a teen whose real name was Raju Rai, used his powers to help keep Mumbai safe.