U2 Is Getting Love And Hate For Its Mumbai Concert

While fans were very excited, some people brought up one big problem with the band’s decision to perform in India.

Irish band U2 announced it will be in India this year for its first-ever show in the country.

The band announced on Wednesday that it would close its ‘The Joshua Tree Tour 2019’ in Mumbai on December 15 at the DY Patil Stadium.

The band’s guitarist The Edge said, “We have been around the world with ‘The Joshua Tree’. And we can’t think of a better place to celebrate the end of this tour.”

“We’re much looking forward to bringing a dash of Dublin to Mumbai, India,” bassist Adam Clayton, while frontman Bono said, “Mumbai. Lets rock the house...”

And boy are fans ready.

So excited that they’ve started singing made-up songs.

And fans outside the country are just as excited for the fans in India.

One person had a worry that sprouted from Coldplay’s 2016 performance at the Global Citizen Festival India.

People, however, brought up one big problem with the band’s decision to perform in India.

While Bono is known for his activism and work in human rights, the band has also previously made political statement with its music and performance.

U2′s 1993 performance at Berlin’s Olympic Stadium sampled visuals from Nazi propaganda to make an anti-fascist statement.

“I don’t want to give fascists power to the extent that you might be afraid to go into a building where they once were,” Bono said.

In light of the shutdown in Kashmir, people called on the band to reconsider playing in India.

Bono has previously been called out for the conflicting positions he holds through his work in charity and his business relationships.