24/04/2019 1:24 PM IST

Twitter Has Thoughts About Akshay Kumar's Totally 'NON-POLITICAL' Chat With Modi

"Godawful lovey-dovey inter-something" and other gems.

Actor Akshay Kumar’s interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi was broadcast on Wednesday.

A day earlier, Kumar tweeted that the two had had a “candid” and “COMPLETELY NON POLITICAL” conversation.

And through the course of the interview, Modi answered questions that were totally not meant to help his election campaign.

Of course, Twitter had thoughts on this totally casual chat in the middle of a hotly contested election season as almost half the country is still due to vote.

People also had thoughts on the nature of the conversation.

Let’s take this opportunity to remember once again that Modi has not held a SINGLE press conference in his tenure. We have, however, got plenty of ‘exclusive’ interviews where fawning interviewers lob him soft questions on his stamina and sense of style (like Akshay also did). But Twitter was quick to point out this anomaly, and also suggest another ‘Kumar’ that Modi should speak to.


Surely Ravish Kumar is among the many journalists who’d like a similarly candid chat with Modi. What say, PM? 

Meanwhile, um, Akshay Kumar ji...

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