25/11/2019 3:12 PM IST | Updated 25/11/2019 5:38 PM IST

Twitter Is Fighting Over Unpopular Food Takes And It's (Mostly) Hilarious

The controversy over Indian food takes the cake.

Last week, Twitter user Jon Becker asked for people to hit him with their “most controversial opinion”. Since then, that tweet has reached 3 million views and ruffled quite a few feathers. 

People are still discussing and fighting over some of the takes unleashed in response to Becker.

Common enemies such as lettuce, Brussel sprouts and pineapple pizza were, unsurprisingly, among the first to be targeted. Some of the replies to the tweet, that got over 30 thousand people talking across the world, were pretty hilarious. 

Some said walnuts were terrible.

And even people who like walnuts agreed with this. 

There was some anger towards raisins and Commonwealth countries too 

But things began to heat up when the really unpopular opinions began to be aired. Adults fought like children over this Thanksgiving tweet. 

Then a Twitter user said what he really thought about rice, saying “it is just here to fix wet phones.” 😂

The war over this tweet is still raging. People are heartbroken and disappointed. 

Friendships were ended over Nezi Braxton’s feelings for rice. 

People fainted in all kinds of languages. 

And the Twitter user accepted defeat. 

And then, a Twitter user decided to get REALLY honest and said he hated Indian food. 

People were united in their disdain for this tweet irrespective of geographical location and ethnicity. 

People even warned him with jail time. 

Also this: 

Nichols has been accused of racism and not understanding that “Indian food” actually refers to a wide variety of cuisines from different parts of the country.

He didn’t help by agreeing with people who complained about the strong smell of “curry”, considering racists have often accused Indians or South Asians abroad of “smelling of curry”.

On a serious note, people did point out that the original tweet had become an excuse for people to air thoughts they normally would think twice about before uttering out loud.

The discussion goes on and on and on, with people are still venting over candy corn, mint chocolate, beer and garlic. This Twitter user put it succinctly: 

Or is it? As we type, more and more people are asking for “controversial opinions” on everything from children’s books to cricket