27/02/2020 1:28 PM IST | Updated 27/02/2020 3:07 PM IST

Trump Has Deep Affinity For Fellow Authoritarians Like Modi: Seth Meyers

Wednesday night’s episode of the ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ called Modi an “authoritarian nationalist”.

Seth Meyers on Modi and Trump

In the latest addition to American late night show hosts lampooning the US President’s visit to India, NBC’s Seth Meyers called Donald Trump out for “his deep affinity for fellow authoritarians” like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Wednesday night’s episode of the ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ called Modi an “authoritarian nationalist” and called out Trump’s refusal to comment on the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act passed by the Modi government.

At a press conference before leaving India, Trump said he didn’t want to be “controversial” and “blow the two days plus the two days of travel on one answer, one little answer”.

Meyers said: “Trump always has a deep affinity for fellow authoritarians, trying to mimic them or impress them whether it’s Modi or Putin. Or the time he sat in the Oval Office with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, literally showed off a giant poster of all the weapons he sold to them like a sixth grader presenting a class project on the military.”

Watch the remarks below starting at the 2.04 mark:

Indian streaming services and TV channels have been censoring episodes of US late night shows criticising Modi and Trump’s India visit.

Hotstar India, owned by Disney, did not upload John Oliver’s episode on HBO’s Last Week Tonight which highlighted the controversies surrounding Modi, his government and the CAA protests.

Comedy Central India cut out comedian and host Trevor Noah’s comments on Trump’s penchant for beef and cows in India.