22/08/2019 12:08 PM IST

Thanks To Trump, Both #ChosenOne And #Antichrist Trended On Twitter

The president told reporters he was the “chosen one” to deal with China as he looked to the heavens.

Once again Donald Trump is making even nonreligious people say, “Oh, my God.”

On Wednesday, the president declared himself the “chosen one” to take on Beijing.

The words “chosen one” have a specific meaning with Trump’s base of evangelical voters, but ordinarily a comment like that might seem benign since it was referring to a trade war, not a religious one.

However, the president blurred things by looking at the heavens as he said it.

Also, the self-praising comment came hours after Trump thanked right-wing conspiracy theorist Wayne Allyn Root for saying the Jewish people considered him both the “king of Israel” and the “second coming of God” on a call-in show on Tuesday evening.

The president liked Root’s comments so much, he quoted them in a three-tweet thread:

As a result, both #chosenone and #antichrist became trending terms on Twitter.

And, of course, Twitter users had strong reactions:

One person suggested that people who might think Trump is the actual “chosen one” mentioned in the Bible read the Good Book first.

Then there was the guy who suggested the confluence of trending terms could only mean one thing.

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