25/04/2019 7:52 PM IST

Trevor Noah Suggests Thirsty Reason For Possible Donald Trump-Instagram Beef

"The Daily Show" host also explained why Trump's complaint about losing Twitter followers is the "most relatable thing" he's ever done.

Trevor Noah joked about how US President Donald Trump could soon start a feud with Instagram. And it has to do with thirst traps.

The host of “The Daily Show” made his prediction after noting how Trump reportedly complained to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about losing followers on the social media platform during their closed-door meeting on Tuesday.

Dorsey explained it was due to the automatic removal of spam accounts and not the targeting of conservative profiles. Now Noah thinks the president’s social media ire could spread to Instagram.

Noah also explained why he believed Trump’s Twitter complaint could be the “most relatable thing” he’s ever done.

Check out the clip here: