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Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Pro Personal Fitness Trainer (at least once)

Folks today want the best value for the time and the money they put into an activity bottom line. When it comes to fitness and exercise you are an individual. And your needs, goals, present capabilities and personal vision is unique and yours. So it's vital to implement for yourself an appropriate, safe yet challenging and doable workout program that will fulfill you and keep you moving to where you want to be and in the right direction for maintenance, progression and overall wellness. A qualified fitness professional trainer/coach or physical therapist can teach, guide, motivate, formulate a plan for you. You may or may not have the funds to be able to work with a trainer/coach on a regular basis. However, it's well worth it to at least once and then for periodic follow ups work with a pro to enhance and make this part of your life the best it can be. Here are 5 really good reasons to hire a professional personal trainer at least once:

1: Streamline Your Time: As I said above we are all looking for the best value and results for the time we put in to anything in life. Folks can have tendency to put in extraneous time and include unnecessary exercises, duration of workout and volume non-productive towards the goal. This potentially wastes precious time when you can be streamlining an overall plan to achieve your goals appropriately and efficiently with guidance, instruction and construction of your individual plan put together for you based on the consultation of a pro trainer. This then leaves more time for work, family, friends and enjoy life reaping the benefits of your efforts.

2. Proper Evaluation: You may be doing exercises or fitness endeavors that are not only anti-productive but inappropriate and possibly unsafe. A pro trainer/coach can give you a comprehensive evaluation of your goals, abilities and needs to put together the right plan for YOU. This includes what to do, how to do it and when.

3. Will Show You Proper Form and Execution: A pro trainer/coach will show you the proper and safe form for all the exercises and activities recommended for you from your evaluation. One of the primary ways to get injured or to over time create impairment is executing a given exercise with poor form, moving to quickly and using excess load. You'll benefit greatly from the guidance here as safety is always the #1 aspect of any workout program.

4. Overall Lifestyle Guidance: Much of what you need to do to accomplish goals or maintain the fitness and wellness level you desire will happen outside the gym or workout area. A pro trainer/coach can advise you on other aspects of your wellness plan like proper rest and recovery, additional flexibility or foam roll work, medical pro referrals if necessary, nutrition (if they are qualified to talk nutrition) and possibly point you in the right direction for other aspects you'll benefit by including in your overall plan.

5. Safety and Progression: Again I'll mention safety here as this is vital to your program and your longevity. If you're hurt or impaired your workout plan is limited plain and simple. The idea is to be stronger and better for your next workout. And as you move along in your program a trainer can guide you in future follow ups for appropriate progression for you, your overall plan and new discoveries and questions you'll have moving forward.

Happy and Safe training everybody!


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