26/07/2016 11:06 PM IST

This Tent Seals In Body Heat To Protect Homeless From Extreme Weather

The winterHYDE tent is changing the game of providing shelter to homeless families.

During extreme weather, homeless individuals are particularly at risk of harm from the elements.

To tackle this problem, Singapore-based nonprofit billionBricks is creating a product to help the 33 million homeless people living in cold winter regions all over the world.

Following the tragic aftermath of riots in the North Indian town of Muzaffarnagar in 2013, the organization came up with the winterHYDE tent. The riots left an estimated 60 people dead and 50,000 people homeless, including many children and families, according to Al Jazeera.

The tent is made from reversible triple-layer waterproof material that seals in body heat in the winter and reflects sunlight in the summer. It can fit two adults and three children, and costs about $100.

The organization is run by designers, architects and builders who believe that “buildings for the poor should not be poorly designed and built,” according to its website. While the product is still in the pilot stage, the nonprofit hopes the tents will be useful to governments that are looking to provide temporary shelter for the homeless. 

In the video above, watch for more about how the winterHYDE tent functions as a refuge in extreme temperatures across the globe. 

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