26/07/2017 2:54 AM IST

12 Things We're Obsessed With This Week, Besides The Return Of 'Insecure'

Millennial. Pink. Sneakers. 👟

We’re still fangirling over the triumphant, hilarious and radical importance of the return of HBO’s ‘Insecure’. In Sunday night’s premiere, we watched Issa fumble through a breakup, have a less-than-ideal day at work, and play an all-around messy, flawed and “regular” person. 

And, because we are also flawed, regular humans, we at HuffPost Finds can’t help but indulge in a little retail therapy from time to time (er, all the time). 

From gray lipsticks that’ll make us look like Gigi Hadid to the best deal of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, we’re obsessed with practical purchases that help us live better lives. That’s why we’ve curated some of our current obsessions ― those things we literally can’t stop talking about ― to highlight the everyday purchases we really, really love.

Take a look at our current obsessions below.

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