08/10/2016 4:39 AM IST | Updated 08/10/2016 4:42 AM IST

These 25 Photos Are Not Your Average Wedding Pics

Every picture tells a story. 📸

Colin Coleman
This intimate photo by Colin Coleman was one of the Fearless Award recipients. 

The wedding day passes by in the blink of an eye. That’s why it’s essential to have a talented, experienced photographer there to capture moments big and small.

This week, Fearless Photographers ― a website dedicated to showcasing the very best in wedding photography ― released their new collection of award-winning images. 

After poring over 10,000 entries from photogs all around the world, they arrived at 123 finalists. Below, we’ve compiled 25 of our favorites. 

  • Beth Kerechanin
  • Benjamin Brette
  • Marine Poron
  • Hendra Lesmana
  • Ben Adams
  • John Armstrong-Millar
  • Shan Ambigaipagan
  • Christian SchneiderBrocker
  • Joseph Gidjunis
  • Colin Coleman
  • Eleonora Barna
  • Jessica StoutVanTassel
  • Brian Di Croce
  • Julian Kanz
  • Pedro Cabrera
  • Ashvin Ghisyawan
  • Nitin Dangwal
  • Tim Chin
  • Arjan van der Zwart
  • Dan Petrovic
  • Jay Cassario
  • Tim Chin
  • Angelo Belvedere
  • Cati Schmidt
  • Andrei Branea

Visit the Fearless Photographers site to view the collection in full. 

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