Hold On To Your Lungis! They're 'Modernising' This Beloved Attire

It has buttons, pockets and will just cost you about 40 times as much as an ordinary, no-frills lungi.

Sit down, കുട്ടികളെ, and let me tell you about how the West “modernised” the lungi.

I know. I know.

What does that even mean?

I’ll explain.

So, two men who seem to be based in North America started ‘The Lungi Project’ after they wore it in India during summer and were amazed at how comfortable it was.

Twitter user @nah_im_abdulla spotted their product and tweeted:

Would that it were...

According to their website, this lungi is designed in Brooklyn and handmade in Canada.

The founders acknowledge that they drew inspiration from “various cultures in which men wore skirts - from Scotland to Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia”.

But, skirt = lungi?

The two founders felt the garment couldn’t be dressed up ( 🙄) or worn with a polo ( 👀), so they made “updates” to it.

As a result, their version of the lungi costs $175 (approximately Rs12,300).

The updates?

- 100% sustainable European flax linen and silk thread. (Are we out of cotton?)

- 2 colours: onyx, flax (Also out of colours?)

- 2 buttons to avoid “clumsy tying” (Also known as NOT KNOWING HOW TO WEAR A LUNGI)

- and a “sharp rear pocket and hidden front pocket”

🙄um what? Indian brands MCR, Kitex and Ramraj have had lungis with pockets for years.

And, people who have been wearing lungis for decades know how to fashion a pocket out of the fabric as they TIE it around their waist.

This “modern lungi” is also made to order.🙊

As one Twitter user put it...

Another said:

The priciest Kitex lungi is for Rs 885, Ramraj’s is around Rs 3,500 while MCR’s is less than Rs 3,000.

മോനേ, Lungi Project, did you need learn nothing from what Zara did last year?

Perhaps, they actually have.

And so, lungi joins the likes of chai tea, turmeric latte and vegan revolutionary jackfruit.