27/09/2017 1:06 AM IST

12 Standing Desks That Don't Belong In An Office Building

Standing > sitting

You’ve probably already heard about the endless benefits of standing desks

Standing desk users are reportedly healthier and more productive than their sitting desk counterparts, giving them even more reason to feel smug. But, these typically bulky workplace accessories aren’t exactly home decor friendly ― until now. 

That’s why we’ve rounded up 12 of the most attractive standing desks that are stylish enough to display at home. Check out our favorite designs below, and be sure to sign up for our Full Carts, Can’t Lose email to stay on top of the best sales each week.

  • 1 Modern Adjustable Electric Standing Desk
    Modern Adjustable Electric Standing Desk
    This desk raises smoothly with the touch of a button, from sitting to standing, so you can have your preferred height every time. Shop it here
  • 2 Laptop Desk
    Laptop Desk
    This handmade desk is made to order and customized to your height. The sleek design of this tabletop standing desk ensures it doesn't take up  more of your desktop than necessary. Shop it here
  • 3 Elevate Standing Desk
    Elevate Standing Desk
    This adjustable height standing desk also features an adjustable footrest. Shop it here
  • 4 Reclaimed Wood & Steel Pipe Standing Desk
    Reclaimed Wood & Steel Pipe Standing Desk
    This made-to-order can be customized to your ideal desk height -- just specify before you order! Shop it here
  • 5 Height Adjustable Writing Desk
    Height Adjustable Writing Desk
    Features 8 height adjustment options. Shop it here
  • 6 Wall Mounted Floating Desk
    Wall Mounted Floating Desk
    Customize your own workspace with this wall mount desk, which you can hang at any height without taking up any floor space. Shop it here
  • 7 Electric Height Adjustable Table
    Electric Height Adjustable Table
    Features an electric height adjustment function with built-in powerbar and USB ports. Shop it here
  • 8 LIFT Sit-To-Stand Desk
    LIFT Sit-To-Stand Desk
    This desk features both standing and sitting options, and turns any desk into a standing desk. Plus, it's hand built in the USA. Shop it here
  • 9 Adjustable Height Writing Desk
    Adjustable Height Writing Desk
    Features 9 different height adjustments. Shop it here
  • 10 Laptop Stand Standing Desk
    Laptop Stand Standing Desk
    This modern bent wood laptop stand turns any desk into a standing desk. Shop it here
  • 11 Crank Adjustable Sit-To-Stand Desk
    Crank Adjustable Sit-To-Stand Desk
    Raises from sitting to standing in less than a minute. Shop it here
  • 12 Electric Adjustable Table
    Electric Adjustable Table
    This height-adjustable desk plugs into a standard outlets. Shop it here

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