11/05/2019 12:52 PM IST

Spider-Man Will Get To Know Burden Of Responsibilities In 'Far From Home', Says Jon Watts

Victor Chavez via Getty Images
Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal attend Conque 2019 to present the new film "Spider-Man: Far From Home" at Centro de Congresos on May 4, 2019, in Queretaro, Mexico. (Photo by Victor Chavez/Getty Images)

Director Jon Watts says Tom Holland’s Spidey will be struggling with the burden of responsibilities in “Spider-Man: Far From Home”.

In an interview with Collider, the director, who previously helmed the film’s predecessor “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, said that though the superhero proved that he is worthy of being given responsibilities, he will get to know about the sacrifices that it needs.

“The way I think about it, is that if the last movie is about a kid who really desperately wants to be treated like an adult to be given more responsibility. And by the end of the movie he proves that he’s worthy of it, and is given the opportunity to make that choice,” Watts said.

“There’s this feeling when you’re growing up where you want so badly to be treated like an adult, and then one day you wake up and people start treating you like an adult and you’re like, wait, ‘I like it better when I was a kid,’ and you can’t. And so now I think this movie is Peter being given the responsibility he wanted in the first movie and starting to really deal with the implications of what that means,” he added.

Apart from Holland, “Far From Home” will also feature Samuel L Jackson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Marisa Tomei, Zendaya, Cobie Smulders and Jon Favreau, among others. It releases in India on July 5 in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.