17/03/2018 2:08 AM IST

Space-Saving Storage Ideas That Will Maximize Your Small Bathroom

There are more hidden storage spaces than you think

As someone who newly moved into an apartment with a smaller bathroom, the thought of where I’m to put my blowdryer, shower accessories, hair products, extra towels, and other bath essentials is what keeps me up at night.

Luckily, your small bathroom can actually give you more storage than you think. Those hidden crevices between your sink and toilet or the space above your toilet are areas that we usually don’t think to maximize in terms of space, but when you’ve got a tiny bathroom, these tips and tricks are what will prevent you from having to chuck your 10 bottles of shampoo.

If you’re in need of some small space bathroom inspo, see below for 10 space-saving storage ideas that will maximize your small bathroom.

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