24/10/2016 11:25 PM IST | Updated 25/10/2016 2:50 AM IST

Social Innovators Changing the World | Akiraa Parishanaboina and Social Enablers

In this week’s feature of social entrepreneurs who are changing the world we are featuring Social Enablers, an angel-funded media platform focused on the global exchange of ideas and stories of social innovations and entrepreneurship.

Impact, Solutions based Journalism + Social Innovations = Social Enablers.

Social Enablers is a platform to discuss, promote, and encourage inspiring ideas and impactful stories of social innovation founded by Akiraa Parishanaboina of Hyderabad, India.

The company is currently being incubated out of the The Do School, Germany, which is a leading social venture incubator that helps passionate young entrepreneurs turn their ideas into action.

We believe stories have power to change the world... My story could have the power to inspire someone on the other side world to start something.

On the platform, journalists and technologists use the power of storytelling to promote socially beneficial business models and ideas happening across the globe — The goal is to motivate people be inspired by the impact these ventures are having on real lives and challenge them to replicate and iterate on their models.

Social Enablers believes in using journalism for greater good of society and to promote humanity.

Our mission is not just telling stories of social innovations, by telling stories we are connecting them with impact investors and likeminded persons to create more impact. - Akiraa Parishanaboina, Founder

Akiraa’s personal challenges as an young entrepreneur were one of the key factors that he propelled him to start this venture...

After two times being rejected by the embassy for visa approval, I got a visa on the third try one day before flying and joined at social incubator, and I landed with forty euros in my pocket. Those days were very difficult for me, but as social entrepreneur I learned how to survive hard days when running company.

The company recently raised fifty-thousand dollars to launch a new job listing platform focused on the social sector hoping to drastically reduce the costs associated with hiring people for social enterprises. Their vision is to reduce the cost structure from two-hundred dollars to twenty to help social enterprises/NGOs concentrate on creating more impact around their core goals.

For more information about Akiraa Parishanaboina and the work that Social Enablers are doing check out their website at