24/07/2019 7:36 AM IST

BJP Has Only 36% Votes; Unethical, Illegal Govt Coming To Power: Siddaramaiah

'Unethical, illegal and anti-constitutional govt' coming to power in Karnataka, Siddaramaiah said.

Getty Images/ File Photo

BENGALURU — Former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah Tuesday flayed the BJP for gaining access to power through the backdoor and said an “unethical, illegal and anti-constitutional government” was coming to power in Karnataka.

“The BJP was coming to power through the backdoor.

They (BJP) have no faith in democracy. They allowed defection, horse-trading and lured the MLAs,” Siddaramaiah told reporters after the Congress-JD(S) coalition government led by chief minister H D Kumaraswamy lost the trust vote.

Stating that the coalition government was formed according to constitutional provisions, the Congress leader alleged that BJP purchased defectors to form a government though it did not have the mandate.

“Congress and JD(S) put together got more than 56 per cent votes whereas BJP got 36 per cent votes,” he said.

Siddaramaiah alleged that the BJP set aside the constitutional provisions to form the government.

“An unethical, unlawful and anti-constitutional government is coming to power,” he said.

The former chief minister claimed those MLAs who abstained from voting will attract action under the anti-defection law as they sided with those who encouraged defection and promoted horse-trading to form a government through unfair means.

“Those who violated the whip attracted the provisions of 10th schedule of the constitution. We have given complaint to the Speaker against those who abstained from voting. They should be disqualified,” Siddaramaiah added.