22/01/2019 2:04 PM IST

When Shashi Tharoor Found Shah Rukh Khan In His Hotel Room

The Congress leader discovered a 'shrine' dedicated to SRK at a hotel suite in Munnar.


Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has a huge fan following, and his devoted fans sometimes ensure he springs up in unexpected places. Like a hotel suite in Kerala.

The ‘shrine’ was discovered by Congress leader Shashi Tharoor during his visit to Munnar. This suite, according to The Indian Express, was occupied by Khan during the shooting of Chennai Express in 2013 and the hotel management decided to dedicate it to the actor. khan

Apart from posters from the film, it also has a life-sized cutout of the actor.

While sharing some pictures of the room, Tharoor said that every wall of the room was decorated with posters of the film. The Congress MP also posed with the cut-out.

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