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Seals FaceTime To Keep Long-Distance Love Alive

Love knows no bounds, after all.

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Long-distance relationships are hard. Especially if you're a seal, and you're in love with another seal who happens to be 160 miles away.

Luckily for these seals, technology is a beautiful thing. They now use FaceTime to keep their long-distance relationship strong.

Sija and Babyface are two smitten seals who were separated for getting too frisky, according to the New York Post. They met back in 2007, when Sija was transferred to the same sanctuary in England as Babyface. They "sealed the deal" and conceived a pup, even though 37-year-old Babyface was almost too old to procreate, according to ABC AU. 

With Babyface's health in mind, sanctuary workers put 10-year-old Sija on a birth control pill and hoped it wouldn't happen again. Somehow, they were still able to have a second pup together. Love knows no bounds, after all. 

Unfortunately for them, this was too risky for Babyface, so Sija was sent to a separate, all-female enclosure at SEA LIFE, according to Mashable. 

Caters News

 “Sija has settled in really well with the other girls here, but we thought it would be nice for her and Babyface to keep in touch so we’ve arranged a video link," Displays Curator at Weymouth SEA LIFE Fiona Smith told Mashable. 

Both seals are responding well to the FaceTime sessions, which the staff refers to as SealTime. 

What's next? Netflix n' Seal?

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