10/10/2019 7:48 PM IST | Updated 10/10/2019 8:26 PM IST

Twitter Schools Flipkart Co-Founder Sachin Bansal For Endorsing Misogynist Handle

The account that Bansal wants men to follow says only ugly women want equality 🙅🏽‍♀️

Getty Images/Twitter

Sachin Bansal, the co-founder of e-commerce website Flipkart, found himself in the eye of a Twitter storm on Thursday, and for good reason. On Wednesday night, Bansal had tweeted to his followers, tagging a Twitter account called @LifeMathMoney, suggesting that men could learn a lot from the handle. 

Bansal also went on to suggest that women could follow the account too, if they wanted. 

Thankfully, since it is 2019, Twitter users were quick to call him out for two reasons—not only was his tweet oddly discriminatory, the Twitter handle he endorsed frequently posts sexist, misogynist tweets. 

LifeMathMonday’s Twitter bio claims that they will teach you what schools don’t. 

And thank goodness for that, because here are some examples of their “teachings”.

And if that didn’t boil your blood, there is more. LifeWithMoney is a treasure trove of such gems, or shall we call it a large pit of garbage? 

Twitter users were rightly outraged.

Bansal, who co-founded Bengaluru-based Flipkart in 2007 with Binny Bansal, sold his stake to Walmart in 2018 and is no longer associated with the company. Nineteen hours later, the tweet is still up on Bansal’s account, and he hasn’t offered any clarification.