31/07/2019 1:45 PM IST | Updated 31/07/2019 2:28 PM IST

This Cricketer Doesn't Care If His 'Bowling Is Beautiful', But Twitter Loves Him

Romania’s Pavel Florin has received words of encouragement from Shane Warne and Jofra Archer.

Twitter can’t stop talking about Romania’s Pavel Florin after a video of his unique bowling action in the European Cricket League went viral. Florin is a bodyguard-turned-amateur cricketer from Transylvania, according to Scroll

He took up bowling at the age of 32 and plays for the Cluj Cricket Club, the report added. 

Here’s the clip:

Talking about his bowling, he said, “My bowling is not beautiful but I don’t care because I love cricket.”

Shane Warne and Jofra Archer have come out in support of the cricketer after people on Twitter made fun of Florin.

“Cricket is a beautiful game. Well done and congrats to everyone who made this happen,” Warne tweeted, while adding that he would love to check this tournament out next year and help out, if needed.

Archer, according to The Guardian, offered his “respect” to the cricketer. 

Several people offered words of encouragement to Florin on Twitter: