18/07/2019 5:02 PM IST

PHOTOS: Rhinos, Tigers, Elephants Rush To Safety As Kaziranga Gets Inundated

90% of the Kaziranga National Park in Assam is under water with animals like rhinos, tigers and elephants escaping to safety.

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A total of 97 people have died and more than 5.8 people have been displaced by the floods that have ravaged Assam in the last week. 

Assam is running out of food and potable water because of the dire situation inn the state. 

Animals in Assam’s Kaziranga National Park have been affected as much as humans. PTI had reported on Wednesday that 90% of the national park, home to several animals including the endangered one-horned rhinos, had gone under water. Animals were seen rushing in herds to higher ground and were even taking refuge in people’s homes. 

The 150 anti-poaching camps in the Kaziranga National Park, that protect the rare rhinos, from being harmed have also been affected, with park officials working round the clock to ensure safety of the animals. 

Being intuitive as they are, the animals have also tried their best to get to safety. Here are some photos. 

  • Barcroft Media via Getty Images
    One-horned rhinos wading through flood waters on July 13. 
  • Anuwar Hazarika / Reuters
    One-horned rhinos rest on a highland in the flood affected area of Kaziranga National Park in Assam's Nagaon district.
  • This tiger escaped from the Kaziranga National Park and found refuge in a house nearby. 
  • Barcroft Media via Getty Images
    Buffaloes through flood waters on July 17.
  • Barcroft Media via Getty Images
    Wild buffaloes cross a road that passes through Assam's Kaziranga National Park as a bike rider loses balance amidst confusion.
  • Barcroft Media via Getty Images
    A herd of wild elephants cross Assam's National Highway 37 on July 17 to take shelter on safer ground
  • A baby rhino, pulled out of the flood waters, gets a shower. 
  • Barcroft Media via Getty Images
    Wild boars cross a road that passes through the  Kaziranga National Park