17/07/2019 4:21 PM IST

'Oops! Did Anyone Lost their #Smack?': Rajasthan Police Tweet Prompts Trolling

The Twitter handle of the Rajasthan police tried to crack a joke, but it didn't go down very well.


What’s up with the India’s police force and bad jokes about drugs on social media? It’s usually routine business for the police to seize large amounts of contraband, but lately, instead of just making a straight announcement, they have taken to cracking jokes about it on social media. 

Take, for example, Rajasthan police’s tweet on Wednesday, where they shared photos of what seem to be hundreds of kilos of heroin packed in gunny sacks. Along with the photo, they sent a message to the owner of the massive consignment of drugs, promising free accommodation and food in return. In other words, jail time. 

The Rajasthan police said on Twitter, “Oops! Did anyone lost their #Smack? If yes, we have them! If you want them back contact us ASAP! Or else it’ll be lost forever.

The Rajasthan police seem to have taken cue from their counterparts in Assam, who tweeted last month:  

The Assam police’s tweets had also prompted Twitter users to troll the police, but mostly appreciatively. This time, many users seemed to have had enough. 

A couple of people pointed out that the tweet was “inspired” by the Assam police.

Another Twitter user pointed out grammatical errors in the tweet.

Some people thought the cops had lost it. 

It’s not just Assam and Rajasthan. Earlier this year, the Delhi police had issued a press release about having arrested two people who were importing marijuana from the US. However, it read less like a press release and more like a guide to smoking good pot. 

A chart, part of the press release, on the imported strains of marijuana and its effects on the human brain, went viral on Twitter. Titled “Types of imported ganja and their names” the chart said the strain ‘Bubba kush’ results in ‘contagious laughs’, ‘pineapple express’ makes people ‘seek inner peace’ and so on. One of the effects, the Delhi police said, was ‘intimidating hot’. 

It also turned out that some of the information in the press release had been plagiarised from another website.