28/05/2019 1:02 PM IST

Prince William Loses It Over Aston Villa's Championship Playoff Win

The Duke of Cambridge couldn't contain his excitement.

Royal etiquette went out of the window when Prince William’s favorite soccer team won on Monday.

The Duke of Cambridge couldn’t contain his excitement after his beloved Aston Villa beat Derby County by 2-1 in the Championship league playoff final at London’s Wembley Stadium.

William was caught on camera jumping for joy and hugging former Aston Villa player John Carew:

Villa’s victory secured the side promotion from the second tier of English soccer to the prestigious (and highly lucrative) Premier League, where next season it will play against the likes of champions Manchester City and Liverpool.

William ran through the whole gamut of emotions during the game:

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The prince revealed in 2015 that he supported Aston Villa because he “didn’t want to follow the run of the mill teams” that were popular with his high school friends.

“I wanted to have a team that was more mid-table that could give me more emotional rollercoaster moments,” William explained.

Well, he certainly got that on Monday.