25/07/2017 11:58 PM IST | Updated 18/10/2017 10:26 PM IST

17 Sites For Plus-Size Jeans And Shorts That Are Stylish And Affordable

A reminder that the average American woman wears between a size 16 and 18.

Levi's is one of several retailers creating quality denim jeans and shorts for plus-size shoppers. Check out their selection. 

Clothing sizes are basically pointless. Case in point, this fitness Instagrammer recently shared photos of herself in two pairs of pants in the same size from the same store. The takeaway? The number that’s stitched into our clothing is completely meaningless

The fact that clothing sizes are B.S. isn’t news to plus-size shoppers, who find their fashion choices limited by the power of a size tag. The fact that there are still fashion retailers out there ― fashionable, affordable and highly-popular retailers ― that don’t carry clothing above a size XL or 14 is completely mind-blowing, especially considering that most American women wear between a size 16 and 18. (We’re looking at you, Madewell). 

Thankfully, there are dozens of more inclusive retailers out there crafting quality clothing for plus-size bodies. And, because jeans are a wardrobe staple that’s as wildly styled as it is sized, we’ve created an exhaustive list of all of the best plus-size shopping destinations for denim. Check out our favorite sites for plus-size jeans, shorts and more below.  

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