27/03/2019 7:41 PM IST | Updated 27/03/2019 8:08 PM IST

PHOTOS: On The Campaign Trail With Kanhaiya Kumar In Begusarai

Kumar is contesting from Bihar's Begusarai on a CPI ticket for 2019 elections. He would take on Union Minister Giriraj Singh.

Former JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar is fighting from Bihar’s Begusarai Lok Sabha seat on a CPI ticket. He would take on Union minister Giriraj Singh in a triangular contest with the RJD.

Kumar formally joined the CPI national council in April 2018, and since then he has already addressed over 100 public meetings in almost every part of Begusarai.

Kumar, apart from the income from the royalty of an autobiography, has no other income and may be one of the poorest candidates to contest in this election. 

However, the lack of income or property hasn’t deterred his campaign. Huffpost India’s Pavan Dahat spent a day with Kumar on his campaign trail and here are some snapshots:

Huffpost India/Pavan Dahat
Kumar will not have a powerful party backing him, and while he is the only one to have begun his campaign already, his opponents will be tough to beat.
Huffpost India/Pavan Dahat
Win or lose, Kumar makes it clear that Begusarai is home. He said that he has decided to stay in Begusarai and teach in a local college. “I know everything about Begusarai because I belong to this place.”
Huffpost India/Pavan Dahat
Kumar is probably one of the poorest candidates in this election. He said he will contest even with fewer resources and with crowdfunding. Kumar can be seen recording a message for crowdfunding outside his home in Begusarai.
Huffpost India/Pavan Dahat
Kumar has set up a makeshift election office in his uncle’s two-storey home near his house on the outskirts of Begusarai. A makeshift kitchen has also been set up outside his home to feed the campaign volunteers and other visitors.
Huffpost India/Pavan Dahat
Kumar's family members are chipping in in every possible way they can. His sister, Juhi, helps with the makeshift kitchen. 
Huffpost India/Pavan Dahat
Kumar pushes for an all-inclusive, secular theme during his speeches but has come down heavily on the RSS-BJP for their communal and divisive agenda.