People Are Throwing Cheese Slices At Babies In Ridiculous New Viral Challenge

Unsuspecting infants and pets across the world are being “cheesed” by people who seem to think it's hilarious.

In yet another reminder that there is no logic to what internet users find fascinating, videos of adults throwing cheese slices at unsuspecting infants are going viral online.

The “cheese challenge”, as it is being called, began inadvertently when Twitter user unclexhlmes posted a video of cheese being thrown at a crying boy. The user has since taken down the tweet and apologised for invading the family’s privacy.

But the trend took off and unsuspecting babies and animals across the world are being “cheesed”, proving once again that some people should not be in charge of taking care of anyone apart from themselves.

Some children, completely unfazed, promptly ate the cheese.

Some adults moved on from children to their pets.

While people have been largely entertained by the videos, several people were not amused, expressing concerns for the mental health of the babies being subject to this.