02/01/2019 5:46 PM IST

Watch: Sumitra Mahajan Scolding Opposition MPs For Flying Paper Planes During Heated Rafale Debate In Lok Sabha

A Congress member defended this by saying the paper planes were thrown because the discussion on Rafale had deviated to Agusta and Bofors.


Parliament sessions in India are always a treat. Debates go out of hand, MPs make the funniest remarks, but this time Congress MPs took it up a notch while trying to interrupt Union Minister Arun Jaitley’s speech.

While we may all be guilty of disrupting classes by chattering, passing chits and throwing chalk, the adult, elected representatives of our country perhaps tried to take a leaf out of their student days to distract Jaitley while he spoke. 

The discussion on the Rafale fighter jet deal heated up in the Lok Sabha, cutting remarks flew thick and fast and so did paper planes. Yes, you read that right. Congress MPs threw paper planes around the House to interrupt the discussion. 

In a video tweeted out by ANI, Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan is seen scolding MPs of the Opposition. 

“What is this happening? Hawai-jahaaz bachpan mein uday nahi? Abhi bachche ho ya bade ho? Kya uda rahe ho hawai-jahaaz? (Did you not fly paper planes during your childhood? Are you people children or grown ups?) No! Discussion aap logo ne manga hua tha. (You wanted a discussion) This is not fair. Now you have to listen,” Mahajan is heard saying. 

AIADMK members also raised slogans while Jaitley took a pause and said, “Perhaps they are flying paper planes thinking about Euro fighters [jets].”

 Watch the video here:

This forced the speaker to adjourn the House for the second time on Wednesday. 

According to NDTV, Congress member Gurjeet Singh Aujla, defended the flying of planes by saying, “We threw the paper planes as the discussion was on Rafale. So talk about Rafale. But they were talking about Bofors, Agusta.”