11/04/2019 6:18 PM IST | Updated 11/04/2019 6:20 PM IST

Pamela Anderson Brands UK 'America's Bitch' In Rant About Julian Assange's Arrest

'You need a diversion from your idiotic Brexit bulls***.'

Pamela Anderson has branded the UK “America’s bitch” for arresting Julian Assange and removing him from the Ecuadorian embassy.

The actor added Britain “needed a diversion from your idiotic Brexit bullshit” as a reason for the move. 

She also accused Ecuador, in whose embassy the WikiLeaks founder had been living since 2012, of allowing the arrest to happen because he had “exposed” them.

He is being held in custody at a London police station after being arrested and removed from the Ecuadorian embassy on Thursday morning

He was arrested on behalf of the US authorities, as well as for breaching his bail conditions, Scotland Yard has confirmed.

A second tweet from Anderson accused Donald Trump of being a “toxic coward” and said he needed to rally his base. 

She also shared a link to the WikiLeaks defence fund, which is asking for donations to help Assange pay for legal fees.

Anderson and Assange struck up an unlikely friendship and have grown close over the last few years. 

The actor and model, who lives in France with her soccer player boyfriend Adil Rami, said she first decided to meet with Assange to learn how to become a “more effective” activist.

She began visiting him frequently, always bringing him vegan food.

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Anderson once hinted the pair had a ‘romantic’ connection however last year she said they didn’t have a romantic relationship but said she felt “very close to him”.

When asked if she would consider dating him when he left the embassy, she joked that he was “a little pale for me”.