17/06/2019 12:40 PM IST

Pakistan Loses India Match, But Wins On Twitter

Pakistan Twitter marked Sunday's World Cup match loss with memes and funny tweets, winning hearts across the border.

Getty Images/Twitter

If you have ever lived in the sub-continent, you know that an India vs Pakistan cricket match is more important than even the World Cup final. Whether India wins the World Cup or not, they must win against Pakistan, and so they did. 

Meanwhile, the situation is the same in Pakistan — it’s a matter of pride. But their cricket team couldn’t hold up to India’s blitzkrieg of 336 runs. And they couldn’t catch a break either, with the cameras catching their captain Sarfaraz Ahmed yawning during the match, prompting a volley of memes.

However, even as things went south, Pakistanis on Twitter were the real sports, joking happily about their loss. India may have won the match, but Pakistan Twitter won when it came to sporting spirit. 

Here are some of the best jokes Pakistanis made about their defeat.

Meanwhile, back in India, people on Twitter appreciated how Pakistanis took the loss sportingly.