13/09/2019 2:13 PM IST | Updated 13/09/2019 2:24 PM IST

The Return Of #OddEven: Delhiites Grieve On Twitter

The rest of the country is loving it though.

Getty Images/Twitter

The odd even scheme is back in Delhi and will be implemented between November 4 and 15, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced on Friday. 

While air pollution is a serious problem in the city, data from the last two times that odd even was implemented in Delhi showed that it hardly made a difference to the air quality in the national capital. 

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The scheme is only applicable to private four-wheelers. But anyone who has spent a day in Delhi knows how much the capital depends on its cars. The city’s public transport options, such as buses and the Metro, are stretched to capacity even on normal days, and commuting can become a logistical nightmare on those days.

After Kejriwal announced the decision, people took to Twitter to vent their frustrations about the 11 days of fresh hell that awaits the people of Delhi. The hashtag #oddeven became the top trend on Indian Twitter, thanks to the many jokes all of India cracked at the expense of Delhiites. 

Here’s what people on Twitter said: