18/01/2019 7:43 PM IST

Now Karnataka Congress MLAs Have Also Moved To A Resort. When Will This End?

Only the MLAs seem to be enjoying the 'resort politics'.

Hindustan Times via Getty Images
Former Karnataka chief minister Siddaramaiah, CM Kumarswamy and DK Shivkumar.

The political turmoil in Karnataka does not seem to end and neither does the good fortune of resort owners. After the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) shifted its MLAs to a resort in Gurugram amid fears of poaching, the Congress on Friday also moved its MLAs to the Eagleton Resort in Bengaluru. 

But all is well, as they say. The Congress Legislature Party (CLP) meeting, which was called as a show of strength did not turn out as expected for the party. Four dissidents skipped the CLP meet and former chief minister Siddaramaiah said he will issue notices to them, seeking an explanation. 

So now the Congress is planning to display its numbers. Sowmya Reddy, Karnataka Congress MLA, told ANI that they are all going to Eagleton resort. “It would be a one-day stay probably, a show of strength. We will also have a discussion on upcoming parliamentary elections.”

Nonetheless, the Karnataka government has been claiming all along that it is stable. 

The current political scenario in Karnataka is pretty ridiculous, with MLAs constantly shifting loyalties when they are not holed up in hotels.

When H Nagesh (Independent) and R Shankar (KPJP) withdrew support from the Karnataka government, the question, as Scroll pointed out, that was being asked was: Where is R Shankar now? This is because he appeared to switch his allegiance every few hours. 

Some of the BJP MLAs, who were staying at a resort in Gurugram, have reportedly returned. Karnataka BJP chief BS Yeddyurappa told PTI that all of them will return tomorrow. 

Some of the BJP MLAs, according to India Today, were filmed playing cricket at the resort. “We extend a hearty welcome to all Karnataka BJP MLAs who are returning home after an extended holiday at a luxury resort near Delhi,” Dinesh Gundu Rao, the Karnataka Congress chief, tweeted.

While the drama in Karnataka does not seem to be ending anytime soon, only the MLAs seem to be having a gala time.