13/03/2019 6:26 PM IST

Nick Jonas, John Stamos Can't Stop Trolling Each Other And It's A Delight

The pair are taking a page from Ryan Gosling and Macauley Culkin's book of celebrity master trolling.

Nick Jonas has continued his Instagram trolling war with John Stamos ― with more snuggles.

The “Sucker” singer on Monday posted an image of himself cozy and tucked into bed under a blanket printed with an image of Stamos.

The photograph shows the “Full House” actor curled up on a pillow next to an image of Jonas, who happens to be wearing a sweatshirt with a photograph of Stamos wearing a Jonas Brothers T-shirt on it. Stamos shared the image of himself snoozing with his Jonas pillow on Instagram last week.

Confused? Aroused? Let us explain.

Stamos started this whole back and forth when he wore a Jonas Brothers shirt at the 2018 American Music Awards in October. A few months after Stamos’ fan appreciation, Jonas reciprocated, wearing a sweatshirt featuring an image of Stamos wearing the JoBros shirt.

And so on ― and so on ― until we arrive here today, with Jonas curled in his bed under a Stamos blanket. What a time to be alive, we know.

Stamos and Jonas, while creative, are late to this sort of trolling game. Fans of Ryan Gosling and Macauley Culkin know that those two started this brand of celebrity mischief back in 2014. 

At any rate, it’s your move, John Stamos.