14/10/2019 4:34 PM IST | Updated 14/10/2019 4:58 PM IST

'Near-Dystopian': Kashmiris On Twitter Tell Us Why Restoration Of Postpaid Services Is Hardly A Reason To Celebrate

While some sections of the media celebrated, Twitter users pointed out how absurd celebrating a normal phone call was.

Getty Images/Twitter

Kashmir has been under a draconian lockdown for over two months. Since Article 370 was abrogated on August 5, removing special status for the state, for the first time post paid mobile connections were restored. 

Mobile internet services are still down. 

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PTI reported that around 40 lakh postpaid mobile phones became operational from Monday noon.

The Narendra Modi-led BJP government at the Centre has been trying to portray an image of normalcy in the state, but the people of Kashmir, reeling under the complete blackout, have resisted peacefully. 

Several reports by Huffpost India has shown that the situation is Kashmir isn’t normal at all, and the government has even tried intimidation tactics and threats to get things to look “normal”. 

Reuters reported that last week, the Jammu and Kashmir state government went to the extent of publishing full-page advertisements in local newspapers asking people to resume normal life. “Closed shops, no public transport?” the advertisements said, “Who benefits?”

The reality for Kashmiris, is however, still bleak, especially those who live away from their homes and have had a tough time getting in touch with their parents. 

As postpaid mobile services were restored, these emotional tweets from Kashmiris reflect how intense their ordeal is. 

However, people are still angry. They pointed out that just restoration of mobile services was not enough. 

Twitter users hit out at the media for celebrating something that is supposed to be a basic right.