29/01/2019 10:06 AM IST

Naseeruddin Shah, Aamir Khan And Navjot Singh Sidhu Are Like Traitors, Says RSS Leader Indresh Kumar

Kumar also said that India did not need Muslims youths like Ajmal Kasab.

Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader Indresh Kumar lashed out at actors Naseeruddin Shah, Aamir Khan and cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu by calling them ‘traitors’. 

Speaking at an event in Aligarh on Monday, Kumar compared them to Rajput king Jaichand and Najafi Nawab of Bengal Mir Jafar. 

NDTV quoted Kumar as saying, “They may be good actors but they don’t deserve respect as they are traitors. They are like Mir Jafar and Jaichand.”

Kumar also said that India did not need Muslims youths like Ajmal Kasab. 

ANI quoted Kumar as saying, “India doesn’t need Muslim youth like Kasab, Yakub, and Ishrat Jahan but rather those who walk on the path shown by Kalam. Those who walk on the path of Kasab will be considered only as traitors.”

Kumar also blamed the Congress for the delay in building of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. 

According to the ANI report, he said the Congress, left parties, ‘communal religious forces’ and judges were delaying justice. 

He also urged sadhus to sit on dharnas in front of offices of the Congress and left parties demanding justice in the Ayodhya case. 

Veteran actor Shah faced the wrath of parties like the BJP and the RSS recently for saying the death of a cow had acquired more significance than that of a police officer in the country. Shah was alluding to the violence in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahr that resulted in the death of a police inspector.