10/06/2019 8:23 AM IST

Nasa Opens International Space Station to Tourists – And No, This Is Not A Drill

Who needs a beach holiday when you can have a space holiday?

A trip to space might sound stranger than fiction, a vision of the far future – but it will become reality for some lucky adventurous types as soon as next year.

NASA, the US space agency, has announced that from 2020, it is opening its orbiting space station up to new “commercial opportunities” and even tourism.

According to the BBC, the station will receive two short private astronaut missions per year. “Nasa is opening the International Space Station to commercial opportunities and marketing these opportunities as we’ve never done before,” chief financial officer Jeff DeWit said, the broadcaster reported.

RomoloTavani via Getty Images

NASA tweeted on Friday to say it was working on making the space station “accessible” for ordinary people, too – though some eager adventurers have already questioned whether the trips are open to Americans only.

If you’re getting your hopes up for a trip into space, best not pack your bags just yet, as we’re not sure how much it’d cost – but we will let you know when we find out more.

The space agency also plans to return again to the moon in 2024, giving the first female ever the chance to walk on it. 

Only 12 people, and all male, have stepped foot on it to date.