02/12/2019 10:16 AM IST

US National Who Shot 25-Year-Old Mysuru Student Surrenders, Says Police

42-year-old Eric Devon Turner surrendered on Saturday morning to the San Bernardino police in California.


A US national has surrendered to the San Bernardino police in California and was arrested on suspicion of shooting Indian national Abhishek Sudhesh Bhat last week. 

The 25-year-old resident of Mysuru, who was studying Computer Science at the California State University in San Bernardino, was killed outside a motel where he was working part time. reported San Bernardino police that a 42-year-old Eric Devon Turner, also known as Devon Erick Turner, 42, of San Bernardino turned himself in on Saturday morning. 

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Bhat was shot on Thanksgiving day and was declared dead by the police that reached the crime scene soon after the shooting. The accused had fled by the time the police reached the scene of the shooting. reported San Bernardino police Sgt. Albert Tello saying in a written statement, “The suspect was identified and turned himself in to authorities on the morning of Saturday... The motive for the shooting is under investigation.”

PTI reported that Turner was being held without bail and was scheduled to be produced before a local court on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, friends and family of Sudhesh have set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for his funeral and travel expenses of his parents to the US. The page said that they needed money to pay off his student loan as well. 

As of Monday morning, the page had helped raised more than $50,500. 

A message on the page says: 

He was attacked while he was looking after a motel in his free time on behalf of his friend. The family grieves for him deeply.

Everyone who knew him remembers him as a very sweet and caring person who went out of his way to help others. He had a good academic record at college and his professors and colleagues appreciated him dearly.

He had decided to go abroad to study with the only aim and ambition to help and be there for his family. He worked hard day and night to fulfill this dream. He wanted to fund his younger brother Abhishreshta’s medical education fees apart from being financially available for everyone in his family.

(With PTI inputs)