02/07/2019 1:15 PM IST

Mumbai Rains: Twitter Uses #RainHost And #RainDost To Offer Shelter To Stranded People

Mumbaikars opened up their homes and offices amid rains that has brought the city to a standstill.

PUNIT PARANJPE via Getty Images

Mumbai received the heaviest rain in 24 hours in a decade, bringing the city that never sleeps to a standstill. The government declared a public holiday on Tuesday, saying only emergency services will be functioning in the city. 

Several parts of Mumbai received around 100 mm rainfall since Monday morning, affecting trains services and the road traffic. At least 18 were killed as a wall collapsed in suburban Malad. As many as 52 flights were cancelled and another 55 diverted to nearby airports, as the Meteorological Department forecast more rains for the city. 

And even as commuters got stuck for hours as the city was inundated, people from across the city took to social media offering help. 

Using the hashtags #RainHost and #RainDost, hundreds of Mumbaikars offered shelter in their homes and offices to those who were stranded because of the deluge. 

Here’s what people were tweeting: 

Some people used the hashtag to get help for friends who were stuck because of the rains. 

And inclusive Mumbai remembered that it was not just humans who needed help. 

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