19/07/2016 2:25 AM IST

5 Brilliant Tricks That Make Moving Cheap

Pack small, save BIG.

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Anyone who’s changed homes before knows that moving is NOT cheap. Finding a place to live and securing a lease or mortgage is enough hassle, and moving day should be more of a celebration than yet another costly headache.

By reading up on this topic before your move, you’re already ahead of the game: Frugal moving takes planning, and these tips will help you get there. 

1. Sell unwanted stuff before you haul it to a new home.

Some of us think we’ll simply move our things to a new place as-is and “organize it all when we get there.” A few problems with this approach: Firstly, there’s a good chance you won’t actually do this so-called organizing upon arrival in your new home. Secondly, the cost of boxing up those unwanted knickknacks can be huge, though they may seem small on their own. And thirdly, you can make MAJOR money if you sell these items beforehand, which gives you more to spend on moving costs.

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2. Move on a smart day of the week.

A weekday move means less traffic on the road and usually lower prices for truck rentals and moving companies. If you can help it, move between September and May. That’s when rates tend to be lowest, according to Bankrate. 

3. Never, EVER pay for boxes.

Before you buy boxes to pack with, ask your local grocery or liquor store if they have any extra lying around. You can also find boxes in Craigslist’s “free” section or on the U-Haul Box Exchange, where customers gift their used boxes to others.

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4. Choose your services wisely.

Those who don’t want to move on their own often hire a moving company to pack, transport and un-pack everything for them. But it’s worth considering one of these a middle-of-the-road options, which make moving easier without costing an arm and a leg.

Services like Pods and U-Pack, for example, let you pack and unpack your belongings, and do the driving for you. Others, like Moving Help, work only as-needed, whether it’s assistance with loading, lifting, cleaning or some combination of the few. 

5. Get multiple quotes.

Whether you’re renting a truck, hiring a full-on moving service or something in between, call at least three different services to ask for a quote before making your pick. You might be surprised at how rates differ!

After it’s all said and done, you can rest easy in your new place knowing you made the right call. Happy moving! 

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