25/03/2019 12:31 PM IST

Motormouth BJP MLA Makes Sexist Remarks On Sonia Gandhi, Sapna Chaudhary

Sapna Chaudhary reacting to his comments asked "is insulting women their culture?"

Screenshot from Twitter video

BJP MLA Surendra Singh is at it again. Known for making sexist and bizarre remarks, this time he has targetted Bhojpuri actress and dancer Sapna Chaudhary. 

Amid speculations of Chaudhary joining the Congress, the MLA from Uttar Pradesh said Rahul Gandhi should accept Chaudhary since she had the same “pesha” (profession) as his mother Sonia Gandhi. 

In a video shared by many on Twitter, Singh can be heard as saying, “Rahul ji bhi apne kul parampara ko aage badhaye yeh achhi baat hai. Unki mata ji bhi Italy mein ishi peshe se thi aur aaj Sapna ko bhi unhone apna bana liya. (It is a good thing that Rahulji is taking forward traditions of his family. His mother was in the same profession in Italy, and now he has accepted Sapna.)

Chaudhary took to Twitter to react to Singhs comments. She said, “Rahul Gandhi ji is like an elder brother. But the remarks of this BJP MLA got me thinking, is insulting women their culture?”

Singh is know for his crass comments, especially on women. He had hit out at Mayawati last week claiming she got facials every day. 

“She gets a facial every day. The person who herself gets a facial daily is telling our leader that he is ‘shaukeen’,” the MLA said, using a Hind word that suggests vanity.

Singh was taking on Mayawati because of her comment on Modi.