24/05/2019 8:20 AM IST

A Moose Photobombed A Couple Of Newlyweds, And The Pics Are Wild

An unexpected guest made an appearance at the couple's Rocky Mountain National Park elopement.

Wedding crashers are, by and large, a nuisance. But when a moose showed up unannounced on one couple’s big day, the pair certainly weren’t complaining. 

Illinois couple Amber and Kyle, whose last names have been withheld to protect their privacy, eloped Monday at Sprague Lake in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. 

After the ceremony, the couple was walking back to the car to warm up a bit when the moose came wading across the lake towards them. Fortunately, photographer Sarah Goff was there to capture some stunning shots of the moose and the couple. 

“We all gave [the moose] some space, and she came closer and onto the walking trail,” Goff told HuffPost. “The couple was totally excited, and a bit nervous, as this was the second ever moose they’d seen.”

Sarah Goff Photography
The moose was about 15 feet away from the couple on the walking trail.

The couple’s officiant Jane Gorman told The Daily Camera that this wedding sighting was truly something special.

“I’ve seen dogs at weddings, deer, elk, but this is a first time a moose walked by,” Gorman said. “How cool is that?”

Sarah Goff Photography
The bride and groom were mesmerized by the beautiful creature. 

The snowy weather made it difficult to capture the majestic mountain backdrops Amber and Kyle were hoping for in their wedding photos, but seeing the moose more than made up for it. 

“Even though we didn’t have the mountain views we wanted, we were spoiled with such a memorable moment by having a moose show up during their special day!” Goff said. 

Below, see more gorgeous shots from the couple’s elopement. 

Sarah Goff Photography
Sarah Goff Photography
Sarah Goff Photography
Sarah Goff Photography