13/03/2018 9:28 PM IST

Moissanite Engagement Rings So Stunning, They’ll Rock Your World

Shine bright like a moissanite. 💍✨

Move over, diamonds. There’s another gemstone capturing hearts these days and it’s gorgeous, affordable and conflict-free to boot.

Meet moissanite.

This pear-shaped moissanite engagement ring by seller Sapheena on Etsy also features a moissanite halo. 

According to Pinterest’s 2018 Wedding Report, searches for these stones are up 294 percent in the past year. They’re super sparkly and second only to diamonds in terms of hardness, making moissanite suitable for everyday wear. 

“To the untrained eye, you cannot tell the difference,” Gemological Institute of America gemologist and jewelry designer Therese Nguyen told HuffPost. 

Plus, they’re lab-created, which makes them a more ethical choice for conscious consumers. (Note that moissanites are naturally occurring but very rare, so the ones available today are made in a laboratory.) 

Nguyen, who runs the Etsy shop TrudyGems, told HuffPost that moissanites are becoming a popular diamond alternative because of their price point, as well as the social responsibility factor.

“In my shop, you can buy a 1.25-carat moissanite solitaire with similar diamond grading of E to F color, VVS1 to IF clarity for $1,500. A diamond of the same specs would cost at least 10 times the price. It is also conflict-free, such as no child labor involved for the mining or cutting,” she said. 

One downside to be aware of: Some say even “colorless” moissanites can give off a yellow or gray tint in certain lights. That’s more noticeable in larger stones than smaller ones.

Considering buying a moissanite but not sure where to look? Below, we’ve rounded up 16 options that will razzle-dazzle you. 

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