31/01/2019 4:40 PM IST

Modi Is Batman, At Least According To BJP's Twitter Handle

BJP's Batman tweet surprised many social media users.

On Wednesday evening, AgustaWestland co-accused Rajiv Saxena and lobbyist Deepak Talwar were extradited to India from Dubai. 

While they were produced in court today, the BJP, as expected, gave full credit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Taking to Twitter to gloat about the extradition, the BJP’s official Twitter handle compared the situation to Batman extraditing Lau from Hong Kong and delivering him to Jim Gordon.

The tweet then went on to quote Bruce Wayne, “Everything’s impossible until somebody does it”. This time, it claimed, the impossible had been done by Modi. 

Twitter users were surprised by the pop culture reference by a party whose leaders are known to be guided only by Indian sanskar, and some claimed it would fetch the BJP brownie points. Others were so impressed they pledged their vote to the BJP just because of the tweet.