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The Best Lingerie For People Who Aren't Lingerie People

When you want your undergarments to be a little more understated, look for these brands.

Lively, Jonesy, Calvin Klein
“A lot of women are redefining what ‘sexy’ means for them and how to nurture that side of themselves," says Christina Viviani, co-founder and creative director of lingerie and leisurewear brand The Great Eros.

When you think of lingerie, you probably think of frills, complicated lace, bows and maybe even Victoria’s Secret. But for all the folks who hate lingerie because you think it’s too fussy, just know there’s a whole world of understated (but still sexy) undergarments out there waiting for you.

We’re talking minimal bra and underwear sets, athletic-style details and classic yet comfortable bodysuits, all made with care. Excessive frills and embellishments are optional. 

Christina Viviani, the co-founder and creative director of The Great Eros, a New York-based lingerie and leisurewear brand, gets it. While designing for the brand’s collection, she told HuffPost via email that she likes to “focus on simplicity in a design that lets the wearer feel confident and feminine in their natural shape so that you still feel like you.”

She noted that our bodies are beautiful on their own and “[don’t need] bows or frills to be sexy.” 

“Sexy to me is feeling good and confident in your body,” she said. “A lot of women are redefining what ‘sexy’ means for them and how to nurture that side of themselves.” 

Viviani also understands that shopping for lingerie ― no matter what style you prefer ― can be intimidating. To make things a little less daunting, she suggested feeling the different types of fabric while shopping, trying on different bras with T-shirts to see how they fit and taking your time throughout the process. Rushing, she said, “can add stress to a process that most people do not enjoy.” 

“Most importantly, trust your instincts,” Viviani said. “If you feel like something isn’t right with what you are wearing, then don’t buy it. Buying lingerie is highly instinctive and the moment you feel good in something means you have found the right fit and style for you.” 

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite brands of lingerie for those who don’t consider themselves “lingerie people.” Check them out for yourself.

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