04/06/2019 11:41 AM IST

Medical Devices Are Turning Us Into 'Guinea Pigs': John Oliver

His heart-stopping "Last Week Tonight" report should come with a defibrillator — but that could be defective, too.

John Oliver pulled the curtain back on the medical device industry Sunday on “Last Week Tonight.”

The $156 billion business that includes insulin pumps and hip replacements is loosely regulated ― and many surgeons aren’t even aware, according to the segment.

“That’s terrifying,” Oliver said. “Even your doctor may not know that you’re essentially being teated like a guinea pig. And nobody wants to be treated like a guinea pig unless it means you get your own hanging water bottle that you can suck on from your bed. Which actually sounds completely delightful to me.”

Oliver’s expose may scare you to death ― with a laugh or two on the way.

Watch the segment above.